Blind Spot – Julien Boily, Cindy Dumais, Amélie Laurence Fortin, Charlie Lescault, Martin Löhr et Mathieu Valade à la galerie Rosalux de Berlin, du 29 septembre au 19 octobre 2018

Opening: 29 SET 19.00 h
Duration: 30.09 – 19.10
Opening times: Saturdays 14 – 18.00 h and per appointment

BLIND SPOT: a small area of ​​the retina that is insensitive to light, coinciding with the optic nerve. This blind spot is a point of human vision where we actually do not see. BLIND SPOT is a place where vision is hindered, obscured, veiled.

BLIND SPOT presents recent works of five Canadian artists. Offscreen, the impossibility of facing each other, the exploration of spaces between things, the evocation of lack and absence or the use of blur, are many ways to recall the idea of BLIND SPOT. BLIND SPOT is the result of an exchange project between AMV (Chicoutimi, CANADA) and ROSALUX (Berlin, GERMANY). AMV: ART / MOBILITY / VISIBILITY is an organization based in Chicoutimi (QC, Canada) dedicated to artistic mobility, visibility and autonomy.

Julien Boily
Lives and works in Saguenay. Inspired by the work of the ancient masters of the golden age of painting (XVIIth Century), he diverts the pictorial codes of that era to represent contemporary scenes. Multidisciplinary artist, he favors painting, but also drawing, printmaking and sculpture.

Cindy Dumais
Lives in Saguenay (QC, Canada) where she pursue her research in visual arts and writing. Her work is motivated by the transgression of categories, in which interiority and the outside world are overturned and where the virtuality of thought and the weight of bodies are confronted.

Charlie Lescault
Lives and works in Saguenay, where she studied visual arts at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. Throughout the year 2018, her latest production will be exhibited at Québec’s Foire en art actuel, at Victoriaville’s centre d’art actuel Atoll and at the Galerie Bernard in Montreal.

Amélie Laurence Fortin
Visual artist and managing and artistic director of Regart, an artist-run center in Lévis (CAN). Currently living and working between Quebec City (CAN) and Warsaw (POL). Her creations evoke a space that transcends the self, in sharp contrast to the analytical approach to nature characteristic of scientific and political methodologies.

Mathieu Valade
Lives and works in Chicoutimi were he teaches sculpture and drawing at Québec University.
Author of public art works in different towns in Quebec. His artistic practice explores the contradictions existing between the simple forms and the images that they evoke once diverted.

Martin Löhr
Lives and works in Berlin. Co-manager of the project space Kulturpalast Wedding International (Berlin). His installations and sculptures often question the usual reception process of contemporary art.

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